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About Wave

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Wave Analytical & Research Center is situated at Ahmedabad, India that provides a comprehensive range of Analytical Support & Analytical testing Services to Pharmaceutical, Food, Cosmetics, Herbal, Beverage, Water, Soil, Spices, Dairy Products, Oils, Chemicals, Nutrition etc. Industries across the globe. Moreover, Wave Analytical & Research Center is associated with several educational institutes where we provide guidance and technical facilities to research scholars and students.

Our highly educated and well experienced team of Researchers, Analytical lab technician & trouble shooting experts along with advanced technologies and modern analytical equipment enhances our capability as an integrated service provider & enables us to deliver high speed quality testing services to our clients which ultimately helps them to achieve the utmost fame.

Wave ARC follows global standards and working with “Customer Centric Attitude”. We are continuously updating our quality standards, internal processes, team management and technical skills in order to provide the best services to our clients.

Wave ARC is determined and focused about delivering accurate and precise results which ensuring the health of society.


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To enrich the merit for pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and similar industries by being a most trusted organization for Analytical Testings And Analytical Support Services to convoy public health.

Location & Infrastructure

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To serve the best, we have developed a well-designed facility at supreme location of the Ahmedabad city and easily reachable by clients and employees.

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Equipment management

Key analytical equipments are supported by 21 CFR complainant software and UPS.

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Laboratory Management

Laboratory area residing clean room paneling with epoxy flooring, High efficiency particulate air(HEPA) and Air handling unit(AHU).

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Instrumental Zone Management

Whole Instrumental zone is connected to Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV).

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Storage Provision

Quality modular furniture, Fume hood for working with chemicals, Separate storage facility for hazardous chemicals.

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Leisure And Discussion

The facility of Digital library, Cafeteria and Well-furnished Conference room.

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Entry Restriction System

Entry access control for inside lab area.

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Waste Management

Proper Waste segregation system for plastic waste, chemical hazards etc.

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Surveillance Management

CCTV surveillance.

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Safety System

Fire safety.

Core Values

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Determination & Accomplishment

We are working decisively with a strong desire to accomplish the target in time limits.

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Knowledge & Innovation

We dedicatedly working on improvement of our knowledge and technical practices which aspiring us to bring innovation.

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Teamwork & Integrity


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